Dahej Plant

Our newest plant located in Dahej, Gujarat was commissioned and inaugurated in March 2018. Dahej has been chosen as our new site, falling under the PCPIR region which has been set up by the Gujarat government specifically to cater to the Petro chemical industry with all the necessary infrastructure in place like roads, drains, power and water. Dai-ichi has invested in state-of-the-art technology to facilitate manufacturing of our existing product portfolio with significantly higher capacities. Dai-ichi aims to capture additional markets in India, as well as increase our export offerings. Dai-ichi’s vision for this plant is to successfully set up a world-class facility, focusing on safety & environment. We will capitalize on our technology & expertise built over the last 50 years.

Dai-ichi is the first company in India to set up Buss ChemTech’s Ethoxylation technology on a large scale. The technology is considered the safest for an ethoxylation / propoxylation process. The reactor can manufacture a wide range of products in a highly efficient manner that also allows for flexibility of making variety of EO/PO based products. The products manufactured have an improved yield with close to zero dioxane content after post-treatment.

The standalone PPD/MPP block will have multiple stainless steel reactors as well as glass lined reactors, catering to a wide range of products. An auto drum filling station is also provided to make drum packing more efficient.

The entire plant will be controlled and monitored by a DCS system. By implementing DCS, the new plant will be highly digitized and automated with field instruments like flow meters, pressure barometers, temperature transmitters and level measuring instruments in all the three processing plants. Each plant will be integrated to a separate control room, as well as engineering and operating stations. The data of batch-to-batch processes will be stored on historian servers to control critical reactions and prevent cost escalation through better visibility of operations. This data driven decision-making will help to optimize our operations, maximizing output and reducing delivery timelines.

Top of the line ‘Membrane Bio Reactor’ technology has been implemented in our effluent treatment plant. Our 300 KLD ETP has primary, secondary and tertiary treatment units. The treated water will be completely recycled within the premises making our facility a zero discharge unit.