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Code of Conduct

Code of Practices and Procedures for fair disclosure on UPSI

Code of Conduct to Regulate, Monitor And Report Trading By Designated Persons

Articles / Publication

Corporate India Magazine - 15th Sep, 2020 Edition

Corporate India Magazine - 15th Sept, 2015 Edition

Company Updates

Credit Rating CRISIL

Receipt of On account of Interim Insurance claim

Intimation for AFS 11.2.2022

Closure Direction from GPCB 5.1.2021

Intimation of new AFS 31.12.2020

Fire Incident at Dahej Plant

Intimation for AFS - Kasarwadi Plant 19.10.2020

RTA change of name

Updates - Dahej Plant

Intimation for AFS - Kasarwadi Plant

Intimation MoU for Kasarwadi Plant

Change of name of JV Company

Dahej - Environmental Clearance

Schedule of Analyst or Investor meets - July 11, 2017

DIKL Analyst Meet Presentation

Schedule of Interview with ET Now

Interview with ET Now

Intimation-Closure of Kasarwadi Plant, Pune.

Postal Ballot 2022

Postal Ballot Results & Scrutinizers Report 25.3.2022

Newspaper Advertisement for Postal Ballot 23.2.2022

Postal Ballot Notice 11.2.2022

Newspaper Advertisement for Postal Ballot_16.2.2022

Postal Ballot 2019-20

Newspaper Advt for Postal Ballot dtd. 30.9.2019

Postal Ballot Notice dtd. 19.9.2019

Postal Ballot Form

Postal Ballot 2019-20

Postal Ballot 2018-19

Voting results of Postal Ballot

Postal Ballot Notice dtd. 30.1.2019

Postal Ballot Form

Newspaper Advt for Postal Ballot dtd. 15.2.19

Postal Ballot 2016-17

Postal Ballot Notice & Form dtd. 14.5.2016

Newspaper Advertisement for Postal Ballot dtd. 30.5.16

Results on Postal Ballot dtd. 1.7.2016


Scrutinizers Report 61st AGM

Outcome of 61st AGM

Newspaper Advertisement 3.8.2021

Annual Report 2020-21

Notice of 61st AGM

Annul Return 2020-21

Communication of deduction of TDS on Dividend

Newspaper Advertisement_26.7.2021


Voting Results - 60th AGM

Newspaper Advertisement 7.7.2020

Annual Report 2019-20

Notice of 60th AGM

Newspaper Advertisement 4.7.2020

Extract of Annual Return_31.3.2020


Voting results - 59th AGM

Public Notice for 59th AGM


59th AGM Notice

Attendance slip for 59th AGM

Extract of Annual Return

Company Policy

Rights of Persons with Disabilities Policy

Transgender Policy

HIV Policy

Familiarization Programme 2021-22

Policy for determining Material Subsidiary

NRC Policy

CSR Policy

Vigil Mechanism Policy

RPT Policy

Policy for determination of Material Events

Preservation of documents & Archival Policy

Policy for Prevention of Sexual harassment at Work

Directors information

Mr. Ashok Hiremath LOA

Mr. K. D. Patel's LOA

Mr. K. M. Elavia's LOA

Composition of Board Committees


Newspaper Publication Financial Results 12.5.2022

Annual Audited Financial results for the year ended 31.03.2022

Newspaper Publication Financial Results 12.2.2022

Unaudited results for the period ended 31.12.2021

Newspaper Publication Financial Results 30.10.2021

Unaudited results for the period ended 30.09.2021

Newspaper Publication Financial Results 14.8.2021

Unaudited results for the quarter ended 30.6.2021

Newspaper Publication_Financial Results_12.5.2021

Annual Audited Financial results for the year ended 31.03.2021

Unaudited results for the period ended 31.12.2020

Notice of Board meeting & AGM

Notice of BM dated 10.5.2022

Notice of BM 11.2.2022

Notice of BM 29.10.2021

Notice of BM 13.8.2021

Notice of BM 10.5.2021

Newspaper Publication_BM Intimation 10.5.2021

Notice of BM 13.2.2021

Notice of BM 9.11.2020

Notice of BM 9.9.2020

Notice of BM dated 8.6.2020

Notice of BM dated 5.2.2020

Notice of BM dated 13.11.2019


Notice of BM dtd. 9.5.2019

Financials of the Subsidiary Company

Audited Financial Statements for the F.Y. ended 31.3.2021

Audited Financial Statements for the F.Y. ended 31.3.2020

Shareholding Pattern

Quarter ended 31.3.2022

Quarter ended 31.12.2021

Quarter ended 30.9.2021

Quarter ended 30.6.2021

Quarter ended 31.3.2021

Quarter ended 31.12.2020

Quarter ended 30.9.2020

Quarter ended 30.6.2020

Quarter ended 31.3.2020

Stock Exchange Intimation

Disclosure on RPT 31.3.2022

Intimation for Re-appointment of Statutory Auditors

Secretarial Compliance Report 31.3.2022

Disclosure on RPT 30.9.2021

Change of Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Secretarial Compliance Report for the year ended 31.3.2021

Disclosure on RPT 31.3.2021

Change of Company Secretary & Compliance Officer

Disclosure on RPT 30.9.2020

Disclosure on RPT 31.3.2020

Appointment - Mr. Ashok Hiremath Additional Director

Disclosure on RPT 30.9.19

RTA change of name

BSE Disclosure Demise

Disclosure on RPTs March 31, 2019

Unclaimed Dividend & Shares

Newspaper Advertisement 31.3.2022

List of Shareholders whose shares are eligible to be transferred to IEPF - 31.7.2022

Newspaper Advertisement 22.03.2021

List of Shareholders whose Shares are to be transferred to IEPF - 08.08.2021

Unclaimed dividend as on 31.3.2021

Newspaper Advertisement - 19.6.2020

List of Shareholders whose Shares are to be transferred to IEPF - 31.7.2020

List of Shareholders w.r.t. transfer of Equity shares to IEPF Account- 30.11.2017

Newspaper Advertisement – 18.4.2017

Newspaper Advertisement – 2.6.2018

List of Shareholders whose Shares are to be transferred to IEPF - 21.7.2018

Newspaper Advertisement – 20.6.2019

List of Shareholders whose Shares are to be transferred to IEPF - 10.8.2019.

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