Paints, Coating & Pigments

Paints, Coatings & Pigments

Paints, Coatings & Pigments

Dai-ichi offers an extensive portfolio of specialty chemicals to industrial customers, that help enhance the performance of their market offering. Our customized nonionic and anionic surfactants are designed to be used in the paint manufacturing industry as specialty additives, both while making mill base, as well as in emulsion polymerization.
These surfactants are used to help enhance the water-borne latex used in paints, adhesives, textile printing, lamination, and inks. They help in reducing the pigment load and batch cycle time, especially for mill base production.
We have developed polymerizable surfactants, which have an advantage of combining the physical properties of surfactants with the reactivity of monomers. The resultant paint film with these unique products exhibits extremely good water resistance and wet scrub resistance. Additionally, they can be used as a stand-alone product without the use of anionics for emulsion polymerization.  

Our products add value in paints (either in mill base or while making latex) by:

  • Increasing the color acceptance
  • Increasing the hiding power
  • Reducing particle size
  • Improving scrub resistance
Paints & Coatings
ProductsProduct DescriptionApplication
Neopon TS 2030
Neopon FES 127
Noigen ID 307
Neopon NS 13 D
Noigen NP 4025
Neopon ANP 30Anionic surfactantMost preferred anionic for emulsion polymerization. It is compatible with most anionic products. Helps in reducing particle size and improved emulsion stability.
Noigen AM 30Anionic surfactantUsed in emulsion polymerization for low foaming emulsions. Imparts high scrub resistance and good colour acceptance.
Noigen SN 30Anionic surfactantIt is compatible with most pigments. Provides good dispersion stability and helps in increasing pigment load.
Noigen EP 120Anionic surfactantUsed as an emulsifier either alone or in combination with other nonionic emulsifiers, it acts as an excellent stabilizer in the presence of alkalis and metallic ions.
Product DPS 35Anionic surfactantExcellent emulsion stability, good as wetting and dispersing agent for organic and inorganic pigments.
Neowet AD 80Anionic surfactantUsed as an emulsifier in the preparation of various synthetic polymer emulsions. It is specifically used to prepare paper coating emulsions.
Neopon NS 13Anionic surfactantUsed as an emulsifier in the preparation of various synthetic polymers.
Neopon TP 6Synthetic alcohol ethoxylate based phosphate esterUsed as an emulsifier, dispersant, wetting agent. Helps to impart adhesion and scrub resistance in paints. Imparts good lubricating characteristics when used in inks.
Dainol 25 PAnionic surfactantIt has powerful wetting, detergent, emulsifying and dispersing properties. Used for preparing acrylate emulsions for adhesive and SBR latex used in paper coating.
Noigen RE 610 AAnionic surfactantUsed as an emulsifier in the preparation of emulsion polymers for latex, adhesives, and paper coatings.
Noigen AIR 610/EPR 10Anionic surfactantUsed as an emulsifier in the preparation pure acrylate or styrene acrylate based polymers. It has strong pigment wetting power.
Noigen PA 40Nonionic surfactantUsed as a wetting and dispersing agent for the preparation of oil based paints, inks, and varnishes.
Noigen PE 601Nonionic surfactantUsed as a defoamer for paint and sludge.
Noigen OPE 25Nonionic surfactantUsed as an emulsifier for the preparation of synthetic polymers and as an excellent dispersing agent for solid dye stuff, pigments, fillers etc.
Noigen DK 30 /DK 30 (M)Nonionic surfactantUsed as a standalone emulsifier for paints in the mill base and the final paint, with excellent water resistance for paint films.
Noigen DKX 405Nonionic surfactantWidely used as a primary emulsifier for acrylic and vinyl emulsion polymerization. It is an excellent wetting, dispersing, and latex stabilizing agent.
Noigen 2850Nonionic surfactantVersatile nonionic emulsifier and dispersing agent.
Noigen SN 100Nonionic surfactantVery effective dispersing and stabilizing agent for paints and colorants. Can be used as an open time reducer.
Noigen NEP 30Nonionic surfactantIt is an effective alternative to nonyl phenol based products for emulsification and pigment dispersion.
Noigen NEP 70Nonionic surfactantUsed for emulsion polymerization, and pigment (organic) dispersion.
Neopon COP 20Anionic surfactantReactive surfactant for EP, providing good water and scrub resistance to the paint film. Good for road marking paints.
Neopon COP 205 CHAnionic surfactantUsed for emulsion polymerization with enhanced emulsion stability. Also used in formulations for adhesives, protective paints & coatings, paper coatings etc.
Neowet PSA 2AAnionic surfactantUsed for emulsion polymerization and pigment dispersion, especially in road marking paints.
Neopon JMV 24Anionic surfactantUsed as a primary emulsifier in emulsion polymerization, can be used as a standalone emulsifier and has excellent adhesion and water resistance.
Pigments & Colorants
ProductsProduct DescriptionApplication
Noigen X 100Alkyl aryl polyether alcoholUsed as wetting agents, emulsifying & dispersing agents during pigment manufacturing.

Noigen ET 1270

Alkyl alkoxylate

Nonionic emulsifying and dispersing agents for emulsion polymerization.

Noigen P 108

Alkyl polyethylene glycol ether

Used for pigment manufacturing as dispersing and color strength improvement.

Noigen SPD 8

Polyethenoxy modified phenol

Effective wetting & dispersing agent for preparing pigment paste.

Noigen PD 1210

Polyethenoxy modified phenol

Effective wetting & dispersing agent for pigment paste manufacturing.

Noigen BD G3

Fatty alcohol alkoxylate

Effective wetting & dispersing agent for pigment paste manufacturing.

Neopon DD 301

Acrylate based anionic

Effective as good dispersing agents for inorganic pigments & fillers (i.e. TiO2, CaCO3, Talc).