Become a Sales Superstar

09 November 15

In any organization, the sales department plays a crucial role to achieve business growth as sales people bridge the gap between a customer’s needs and the company’s capabilities. Successful salespeople are those who can make sales and also maintain a long-term relationship with the customer. Sales should not be limited to new business development, but in fact should also focus on retention of existing customers.

Today companies are making substantial investments to build a strong salesforce. At Dai-ichi, we encourage our sales team to attend Management Development Programmes designed to enhance the effectiveness of their performance. Recently our sales team attended a training program “Becoming a Sales Superstar” which helped the team to understand crucial topics like managing customer relationships effectively, necessity of having complete product knowledge before making the sales pitch, and having a correct and positive skill set.


The 1-day program was designed to enhance intangible factors like passion, energy, and enthusiasm to accelerate sales. A proper blend of case studies, presentations, and conceptual lectures/discussions were conducted to effectively deliver the program. It discussed the tools, techniques and framework to understand a sales cycle and deliver outstanding performance. It also aimed at developing specific skills like opening a sale, handling objections, closing a sale, and providing after sales service.


  • Understanding dynamics of effective sales performance
  • Improved personal selling skills
  • Develop effective metrics for sales performance
  • Understanding 4A’s (Attitude, Acknowledge, Agreement, and Action)
  • Converting new customers into long term customers
  • Importance of having a positive mindset

Overall, the 1-day program helped to understand the seven stages of selling skills as well as factors that contribute to sales force productivity, effectiveness and sales performance in an organization. The trainer Dr. Lata Shetty briefly discussed the use of Feel, Felt, and Found Technique while handling objections. She explained the importance of attending Neuro Linguistic Programme (NLP), eating nutritious food, and performing breathing exercises daily. The session was concluded with games that reiterated the importance of sales in a business organization.


‘Convert your customers into friends and friends into customers’

– Joseph Samuel Gerard (World’s Greatest Salesman)