Kurkumbh Plant

Our plant located in Kurkumbh originally began production in 1995. It was created exclusively for the manufacturing of polyacrylamide in a dry, granular form, using state of the art photo-polymerization technology, the first of its kind in India. It is equipped with a specially designed photo polymerization belt reactor to manufacture non-ionic, anionic, cationic & amphoteric polyelectrolytes for use in flocculants and dewatering applications. We have the capability to produce polyacrylamides of any ionicity and varying molecular weight to suit an application specific requirement. We can make products that have very low residual monomer content for food grade products as per FDA norms. In addition, we manufacture nitrogen free special flocculants for chlor-alkali manufacturing by using the membrane process. Our Q.C. & Q.A. labs are equipped with gas chromatographs, ultra-violet spectrophotometer, Brookfield, Fann V G, Cannon Fensky viscometers amongst others.